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Sundays round up from t’interweb! CDC Makes Startling Proclamation: Electronic Cigarette Aerosol is Not as Safe as Clean Air Now, the CDC is trying to dissuade the public from believing that vaping is safer than smoking. However, the worst thing …

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The debate on electronic cigarettes Unbelievable response from McKee,Chapman,Glantz and Daube in response to the Lorien Jollye Lancet article. Factually inaccurate, playing the victim complete with veiled Astroturf accusations: Two things are now clear. First, the advocates of e-cigarettes seem …

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Another comprehension failure from the British Meddling Junkies. “But wait… what’s this garbage? My bullshit meter is pegging out here. This is epic…..” http://www.redheadfullofsteam.com/another-comprehension-failure-from-the-british-meddling-junkies/ Should the use of e-cigarettes in public places be banned? Poll results from the Welsh Assembly …

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