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Friday’s News at a glance:- Canada takes a wrong turn after a flawed paper induces moral panic – How to Make a Public Health Disaster Worse – California Flavor Ban Hearing Needs Participation by Vapers – Differences in Nicotine Intake From Smoking Vs Vaping in Dual Users – Endgames – Another Pie in Glantz’ Face – Government will not ban, York does – AVCA: Kiwi MP’s Plea to Lift Snus Ban Should be Supported – Legislation Without Regulations Makes No Sense – Why Kenya needs to proactively engage tobacco harm reduction – GFN2020: Time to regulate – Juul Quietly Revamped Its E-Cigarette – Global Study Seeks to Confirm Vaping Is Safe – Dr. David Hammond Buries Correction on Teen Smoking Rates – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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