News 25th Nov. 2014

The Drag on E-Cigarettes

RENNES – Michael Russell and Murray Jarvik, two pioneers of smoking-cessation research in the 1970s, would probably have welcomed the development of the electronic cigarette or “personal nicotine vaporizer” (PNV)……

The Tide is turning in Favour of E-Cigarettes

I recently attended the E-Cigarette Summit at the Royal Society in London on 13 November 2014, which aimed to offer the opportunity for debate around the use of e-cigarettes. I am a locum pharmacist……

E-Cig Summit 2014

“The E-Cigarette Summit 2014 took place on November 13th 2014 at London’s Royal Society. We present here most of the videos and the three panel debates, all chaired by the wonderful Professor Ann McNeill of the Institute of Psychiatry, London…..”

E-cigarette ‘lure’ fears might be unfounded

The concern electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking might be unfounded, the first official UK figures suggest….

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