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The Absurdity Of Public Health In Two Responses – A New Website Dedicated to Advocacy: “Consumers For Advocacy” – Study: Americans believe lies about vaping – Roger Scruton on the WHO – Documentary “A Billion Lives” Targets FDA Regulations on Vaping – Government Strategies Threaten Smokers and Public Health

The Absurdity Of Public Health In Two Responses

Dick Puddlecote

Back in 2013, a bunch of tobacco control clowns punched the air and hugged each other at having struck a blow against the ‘tobacco industry’ after a long drawn-out debate in Brussels.

They had resisted common sense, eschewed evidence, dismissed personal testimony – instead relying on their old friends arrogance, ignorance, prejudice and junk science – to begin the process of what we now know as the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations on e-cigarettes.

They didn’t understand the products; they didn’t understand the consumers; they didn’t understand the market; and they still, after decades of making a whole load of ill-gotten bucks out of them, didn’t understand smokers. But they regulated anyway, because that’s what state-funded parasites do for a living.

A New Website Dedicated to Advocacy: “Consumers For Advocacy”


There is a new website online dedicated to vaping advocacy that caught our attention. This is a site that has no agenda and has no organization affiliation. offers tools and information for people keen on learning more about advocating for the vape lifestyle.

Being a vaper nowadays is not defined by just a brief description of “one who vaporizes nicotine.” It can’t be that simple. Just as the lifestyle of Vaping has evolved, so have the consumers. Some vapers are now advocates, activists, demonstrators, business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, vloggers, bloggers, hobbyists and can even be considered as members of a community that has grown to become a marginalized and polarized group within American society.


Study: Americans believe lies about vaping

Jim McDonald, Vaping360

Have you noticed in the last couple years that people are more skeptical about vaping than they used to be? Do you hear more comments about e-cigarettes being “just as bad” as smoking — or even worse?

You’re not imagining things. Public opinion about vaping has shifted, and not in a good or accurate way. A new study, titled “Changing Perceptions of Harm of E-Cigarettes Among U.S. Adults, 2012–2015,” offers concrete evidence that much of the American public believes the lies and half-truths it has been fed by tobacco control ideologues and public health leaders. The open-access study was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Roger Scruton on the WHO

Christopher Snowdon, Velvet Glove, Iron Fist

As the WHO’s secretive COP7 shindig draws closer, there’s a good article in the Wall Street Journal about the organisation’s dogmatic opposition to tobacco harm reduction.

For those who don’t know, the FCTC COP meetings are biennial conferences held by an unelected international organisation where policies which affect hundreds of millions of nicotine-users are discussed in near-total secrecy (journalists and the public are banned). The UK’s delegation is usually made up of the unelected bureaucrat Andrew Black and the unelected boss of a fanatical anti-smoking sock-puppet pressure group, Deborah Arnott.

A Billion Lives – Demand Film

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Documentary “A Billion Lives” Targets FDA Regulations on Vaping


Is the government wrong to regulate electronic cigarettes? That’s one of the ideas presented in the documentary film “A Billion Lives,” which puts forth the idea that vaping and e-cigarettes would help smokers quit, and it’s a mistake to limit access to those products. Aaron Biebert, the film’s director and executive producer, says he titled the documentary from a World Health Organization projection that a billion people will die from smoking-related causes. He asserts that the government made its decision using outdated studies.

Government Strategies Threaten Smokers and Public Health

Kevin Crowley, VapingLinks

Many smokers are choosing to change their habits, and it’s no surprise the tobacco control and public health “experts” are gloating with the lowest rates in history. In fact, this gives accolades to President Obama, while he was allegedly sneaking a smoke and chewing his nicotine cud for “his role” in reducing tobacco consumption.

There are “atta-boys”, awards & slapping each other on the back in public, while long standing strategies have been in place to keep people smoking in the name of recurring revenue.

Royalties for a job “well done“.

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