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TPD-Day – CASAA Call to Action – Horizon: E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace – Young people do not see e-cigarettes as smoking – Anti-E-Cig Dems Took Hundreds Of Thousands From Big Pharma – American Lung Association downplays the importance of smoking in preventing lung cancer – Smoking norms and the regulation of e-cigarettes – Article 20 vape ruling – Dr Michael Mosley on Jeremy Vine – e-Cigs Cut Tobacco Use in Patients With Serious Mental Illness – Thank you for not vaping – Smokefree Radio – The FDA’s war on e-cigarettes and vaping – Innokin responds to the FDA Deeming – Aspire responds to the FDA Deeming


Thunderclap, Liam Bryan

The TPD harms vapers and smokers, it puts ridiculous restrictions on what can be sold and destroys the boutique eliquid market. All so the massive companies can continue unhindered. Is this why we have laws?

CASAA Call To Action

The vapor tax is back! The 30¢ per millileter tax is back, specifically Article 7 Sections 5-13 are still in HF848.

Please take action NOW by sending a message to your lawmakers urging them to remove Article 7, Sections 5-13

Horizon: E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace

The Times /

When the editor of the BBC science series Horizon asked me if I fancied making a programme about e-cigarettes that would involve “vaping” (inhaling nicotine-laden vapour) for a month my initial reaction was: “Hell, no.”


Young people do not see e-cigarettes as ‘smoking’


A study at Durham University argues that public health professionals and policy makers should consider how young people’s motivations for e-cigarette use differ from adults, to help tailor their public health messages.

Durham University

Young people do not see e-cigarettes as a form of smoking and are more interested in the wide range of flavours and performing tricks with the vapour, according to new research.

Anti-E-Cig Dems Took Hundreds Of Thousands From Big Pharma

Guy Bentley – Daily Caller

Seven Senate Democrats who signed a letter applauding the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) crackdown on e-cigarettes took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry.

They wrote to the FDA May 11 congratulating the agency on its almost 500-page rule book regulating e-cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

American Lung Association and CVS Health Campaign Downplays the Importance of Smoking in Preventing Lung Cancer

Michael Siegel

The American Lung Association (ALA), with primary financial support from CVS Health (CVS), has initiated a campaign called “Lung Force.” The campaign features a video ad with the theme of “Anyone Can Get Lung Cancer.” Although the ad cites the fact that lung cancer incidence among women has increased over the past decades and mentions radon and air pollution as causes, nowhere in the ad is smoking even mentioned.


Smoking norms and the regulation of e-cigarettes


Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)—commonly called e-cigarettes—are at the center of a polarized debate. How should they be regulated? Central to this debate is the concern that e-cigarettes could lead to the renormalization of smoking and that the regulation of ENDS should therefore be modeled on the regulation of conventional cigarettes.

I argue that arguments based on the renormalization of smoking can lend support to restrictions on marketing of ENDS, but that such arguments are problematic when used to justify restrictions on where ENDS can be used.

The debate has been insufficiently sensitive to the ethical complexities of attempts to manipulate social norms to change health behaviors; these complexities must also inform the debate about ENDS and their regulation.

Article 20 Ruling

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

What now for the future? What hope for the greatest harm reduction innovation ever created when even some of those who supported the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) admit they got it wrong? Totally Wicked challenged Article 20 of the TPD and lost. Vested interests and backroom deals won. Comments implying the process was corrupted have been made in the House of Lords and vendors ready themselves for the worst

Dr Michael Mosely on Jeremy Vine

h/t @dnglos

e-Cigs Cut Tobacco Use in Patients With Serious Mental Illness

e-Cigarettes may help reduce tobacco smoking among individuals with serious mental illness as well as the harm associated with cigarette smoking in this patient population, results of a new pilot study indicate.

The researchers concluded that e-cigarettes may be “useful in supporting smoking reduction/cessation in patients with serious mental illness” without exacerbating their psychopathologic symptoms.

Thank you for not vaping

Philly Inquirer

For a people who proudly enshrine individual freedoms in their founding document, Americans sure love telling each other what to do in their spare time. Consider a telling transatlantic pair of reactions to the proliferation of e-cigarettes, electronic devices that deliver all the nicotine of cigarettes but none of the carcinogenic smoke.

Smokefree Radio

“Legislation, Litigation”
*Ashley Davis, partner at West Front Strategies analyzes the HR2058 Bill & Cole/Bishop amendment, what they mean and what the industry and community need to do.
*Also Scott Eley joins us to discuss the industry led litigation against the overreaching onerous FDA deeming regulations.
9:00PM EDT


The FDA’s War on E-Cigarettes and Vaping


Cynthia Cabrera, president of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, the largest e-cigarette and smoke-free alternative trade association representing the interests of manufacturers, online retailers, small businesses, distributors, importers and wholesalers, and someone who the people in Big Tobacco probably find really annoying, joins Hathaway to talk about the new regulations, and how they will affect consumers, both non-smoking and smoking alike.

Innokin responds to the FDA Deeming

The vaporizer and electronic cigarette industry was shaken when the Food and Drug Administration’s Deeming Regulations for tobacco products were published on May 5th and went into effect on May 10th, 2016.

Innokin continues to be committed to our vision of harm reduction through advanced vaporizer technologies. We are proud to have been working with top independant American and European labs on improved aerosol emission testing protocols and the testing of our bestselling tanks.

Aspire responds to the FDA Deeming

Aspire is here to stay. We are ready to fully comply and Aspire will continue to be an industry leader and innovator. To prepare for the imminent “Deeming” act legislation which classifies vape products, accessories and nicotine e-liquid as “Tobacco,” Aspire has formed several alliances to help legally support our position.



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