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ASHes to ashes, trust to dust – Who cares about a few thousand dead? – The needs of more than a quarter of a million people don’t matter – There’s no fool like an old fool – ASH’s Mask Slips Into The Gutter – Defending the Undefensible – Nothing but a speck of ASH – ASH’s lack of concern for 200,000 vapers – It’s regulation, but not as we want it – Expanding the debate – Proof that ASH is the enemy of consumer choice – The war against the TPD is a war for democracy – Put e-cigs to the test – Should e-cigarettes be regulated? – Aotearoa Vape Community Advocacy – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Monday, 16 May 2016

ASHes to ashes, trust to dust

Fergus Mason

Well, colour me surprised. Action on Smoking and Health, the “pro-vaping” political lobby group who’ve “been supportive for quite some time”, just decided to publicly throw vapers under the bus. In an atrocious press release earlier today they announced that the EU Tobacco Products Directive, which becomes law on Friday, is “not a problem” for most vapers….

Who cares..

About a few thousand dead? Defending EU limits on the strength of nicotine e-liquids – Clive Bates – The Counterfactual

Apparently, there are still people in public health trying to defend the EU Tobacco Products Directive as it applies to vaping! It’s a ludicrous measure, that protects the cigarette trade, has costs and risks that vastly outweigh the non-existent benefits. ASH (London) appears relaxed about the nicotine strength limit: New EU rules on nicotine strength not a problem for most vapers it declares this morning…

The needs of more than

A quarter of a million people don’t matter – New Nicotine Alliance

According to a report by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) out today [link], the needs of 252,000 UK vapers don’t matter because most people will only be mildly affected by the arbitrary restrictions imposed by article 20 of the TPD. That is a truly astounding attitude…

There’s no fool like an old fool

Dave Dorn – The Sun Also Rises

When first I started vaping, exactly seven years ago today (no applause, it wasn’t that hard, and I wasn’t seeking to quit), I had but one aim. To be able to “smoke” where I wasn’t allowed to smoke. The smoking ban not only made going out almost unbearable, but it also caused me problems in my business, which was wholly conducted in places where smoking was banned.

ASH’s Mask Slips Into The Gutter

Dick Puddlecote

Alarmed by {gosh!} such positive messages about vaping and the public monstering by Lords of the appalling dog’s breakfast that the TPD represents, ASH sprang into action to defend what we all know to be a corruptly-imagined and drafted directive, as Viscount Ridley described well in the Lords committeethat ASH are today so very keen to discredit.

Defending the Undefensible

Alan Beard – Why Oh Why

‘New EU rules on nicotine strength not a problem for most vapers’  see here

This is the headline from the latest press release from ASH, this author believes that this is not only disengenuous but that it is a political statement that attempts to mitigate the dogs breakfast that is TPD2, but more worryingly could be construed as an attempt to influence Vapers choice in the forthcoming EU Referendum #Brexit! 

Nothing but a speck of ASH

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

New EU rules on nicotine strength not a problem for most vapers is the headline of a pretty dire press release from ASH where, once again, they show that they’ve never really been the ‘vapers friend’. With an increasing number of smokers switching to vaping – estimated to be around 2.8 million in 2016 – ASH reckons that the Tobacco Products Directive “need not cause problems for most vapers”.

ASH’s lack of concern

For 200,000 vapers is staggering – Vapers in Power

ASH’s lack of concern for the 200,000 vapers who use eliquid that will be banned is staggering. Higher strengths are used mainly by new vapers and dual-fuellers: in other words, by smokers who may be trying to give up. Not to mention future smokers that might try ecigs as an alternative. The very people ASH should be most concerned about.


It’s regulation, but not as we want it

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

Yes, I know. Another post on rules and stuff. Sorry about that, but I’ve been doing my usual reading and thinking. I also watched Brexit: The Movie where I discovered a few things I hadn’t known previously – none of which made any kind of difference to how I’m going to be voting, but they were interesting nevertheless.

Expanding the debate

Head Rambles

I had an interesting conversation yesterday…. It would properly have been called a debate, but it was on Twitter and I quickly discovered that Twitter is fuck all use for debating, as well as everything else. How the hell can you expand on a topic when you are hamstrung to 140 letters…?

Proof that ASH is the enemy of consumer choice

Simon Clark – Taking Liberties

Having kept very quiet when vaping was banned along with smoking on a Pembrokeshire beach, and again when the use of e-cigarettes during work breaks was prohibited by Nottinghamshire County Council, the “pro-vaping” tobacco control group ASH has finally angered even the most gullible vaping activists by declaring that “new EU rules on electronic cigarettes need not cause problems for most vapers”.

Vapour Trails TV

Tonight, Marco takes a look at the Protank 4 from Kanger, whilst Matt takes a peek at the Krixus & Theorem from Horizontech & Wismec

The war against the TPD is a war for democracy

Vaping Giraffe

A couple of days ago, in my last post, I sent a big thanks across the North Sea to Matt Ridley and the UK House of Lords for joining the pro-vaping forces in the war against the EU and their TPD. Today, I want to send another thank you to the UK, this time to Nottingham. To the bosses of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS trust to be more precise…


Put e-cigs to the test

Charlotte Mitchell – MJA Insight

AUSTRALIA needs a change of tack when it comes to reducing smoking rates, which includes allowing some e-cigarettes to be sold legally, says a leading expert.

Professor Wayne Hall, inaugural director of the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research at the University of Queensland, told MJA InSight that “we’ve gone as far as we can with tax increases – I think we’ve reached the end of the road”.

Should e-cigarettes be regulated?

Paul Barnes – Facts Do Matter

We had some forewarning of this dropping in the Medical Journal of Australia and frankly I wasn’t at all surprised by the authors of the opinion piece. Rest assured it is an opinion piece there is zero new evidence being bought forward. You could almost call it a review, if you are feeling incredibly generous….

Aotearoa Vape Community Advocacy (AVCA)

AVCA was formed in April 2016 by vapers from across New Zealand who were concerned about having their voices heard by those in local and national government with regards to their rights to purchase electronic cigarettes, nicotine containing e-liquid and the ability to vape in public.

All members are former smokers who have been and continue to promote vaping as an alternative to using combustible tobacco products.

How Gov’t Uses Crooked Research

To Wage War On Food, E-Cigarettes And Alcohol – Guy Bentley – Daily Caller

Government policies regulating peoples’ lifestyle choices are based on poor research and may not even improve health outcomes.

That’s according to a report by The New Zealand Initiative, which examines food taxes, policies restricting e-cigarettes and alcohol marketing.


£930,000 to develop new smoking cessation aids

Chemists at the University of Bristol have been awarded £930,000 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop potential new aids to help smokers stop smoking.

Vaping is helping to save lives

Miami Herald

As the owner of a vape shop in the Lemon City area of Miami, I have the opportunity to see first hand the benefits of e-cigarettes on a regular basis. Our customers are a diverse group that includes people from many walks of life, ethnicities and income levels. They all have one thing in common: They no longer struggle with smoking.

New FDA regs:

Small businesses will suffer & people will die – Dennis E. Powell

Liberals, alias “progressives,” typically believe that just about anything can be improved by government regulation. In this they differ from newspapers, which typically believe that anything except newspapers can be improved by government regulation.



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