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Bill Godshall On #curbit

Merciless take-down of @sftobaccofree #curbit deceit and spin by Bill Godshall from ECF

San Francisco Dept of Public Health launches campaign of lies about e-cigs to demonize, scare and lobby for more unwarranted vapor product regulations that protect cigarettes from market competition, encourage vapers to switch back to lethal cigarettes, discourage smokers from switching to far less hazardous vaping, and keep nonsmokers involuntarily exposed to 2nd hand smoke. CurbIt campaign tries to kick smokers and vapers to the curb.

Picture This…..

Interesting article from P Busardo on the SEVIA Conference

Every competing e-liquid and hardware manufacture in America, sitting together in a single room, with a single goal
To move vaping forward and to keep vaping alive, the way it is now. The way WE like it. The way WE choose to vape.
That’s just about what I witnessed today as Dimitris and I talked to over 70 electronic cigarette manufactures in Schenzhen China, united under the single flag of SEVIA. What is SEVIA?

The Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association

The Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association (SEVIA) is committed to promoting Quality, Research & Development and Technological evolution of the Advanced Personal Vaporizer and electronic cigarette industry in Shenzhen and around the world.

Our mission is as follows…..

Lorillard/Blu’s E-Cig Sales Are Plummeting

Generation 1 E-Cig sales falling

During the third quarter of last year, Lorillard’s electronic cigarette sales fell by nearly 40%. This followed another drop in sales the previous quarter and has led a few to question whether the company’s e-cig branch was worth the investment.

E-Cigarette Denial: It Just Doesn’t Work Anymore

Recently I attended a forum on e-cigarettes, sponsored by a political organization that wanted to educate its attendees about the devices.  During the discussion my opponent [from the prohibitionist American Legacy Foundation] repeated the baseless claim that there is no evidence that e-cigarettes help smokers quit.

A Ban on Vaping Harms Public Health

Excellent article from

Putting aside the notion that trying to prevent people from enjoying a bad health habit that largely hurts only themselves has anything to do with “public health,” it is quite perplexing that so many anti-tobacco nannies are stridently against the consumption of nicotine as vapor. Evidence strongly suggests that e-cigarettes are less harmful and can help people quit smoking altogether….

Tobacco abstinence is not a safe alternative to harm reduction

Carl V Phillips and Elaine Keller Anti -THR Lies

Today is my birthday. My birthday wish is that e-cigarettes had been invented in 1983 instead of 2003. I was reluctant to share with the world that I was diagnosed with lung cancer last summer. I was afraid that some tobacco control liars might use that information to falsely accuse e-cigarettes of causing cancer. But an important fact is that for ex-smokers, the excess risk for lung cancer doesn’t go away the day you quit. In fact, it hangs around for a good TWENTY YEARS after you quit smoking…..


Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Wed, 7 January 2015

Todays digest from NSP

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