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A quick round up of what’s been happening over the Festive Period. Normal Service resumes tomorrow..

I’ll say it again: E-cigarettes are still far safer than smoking – 2016 round up – No sh*t Sherlock – How to use “chemicals” to deter dual use – There’s A New Idiot In Town – New Head of RCGP provokes an angry Twitterstorm – Jewel Robbing in 2016 – Review of 2016: nanny state edition – The Much-Ignored Pleasure Of Smoking – Disappointment at anti-vaping messaging – In Public Health We Trust – The Year In E-Cigarettes: – What is vaping? – What’s Next for the Vaping Industry in 2017? – Electronic cigarettes make you really, really horny! – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – 2 January 2017

I’ll say it again:

E-cigarettes are still far safer than smoking
Linda Bauld – The Guardian

January is a time for New Year’s resolutions and if you’re one of the world’s one billion smokers, your resolution may be to stop smoking. For some people, this year’s quit attempt might involve an electronic cigarette, and a recent study in England, published in the BMJ, suggested that these devices helped at least 18,000 smokers to stop in 2015 who would not otherwise have done so. That’s very good news, but will there be as many quit attempts in 2017 as there have been in the past with e-cigarettes? I’m not so sure.

No, there’s still no evidence e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking

2016 Round up

New Nicotine Alliance

2016 has been a lively year for tobacco harm reduction and, as you’d expect, the NNA has been extremely busy. This post can’t detail all that we’ve been involved with but we hope here to give you a flavour of our year. There is still much work to do going into 2017 and we are very grateful to all of you who have helped us to get this far: whether by signing up as a supporter, by sharing our posts, giving us advice, donating money or a stand at an expo. We simply cannot do what we do without your help. Thank you. No matter what skill set you have you can be an asset to the NNA, so please drop us a line if you can help.

No sh*t Sherlock..

New Nicotine Alliance

Researchers based in North Carolina have discovered that if you lie to smokers about the amount of harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes you will put them off using the products. In a study entitled ‘How hearing about harmful chemicals affects smokers’ interest in dual use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes’, Pepper et al present smokers with four scenarios and then analyse their attitude towards dual use of the products with smoking. The four scenarios were:

How to use “chemicals” to deter dual use

Paul Barnes, Facts Do Matter

I guess it’s a case of “start as you mean to go on” regarding ‘scientific research’ on e-cigarettes. The very first paper I read in 2017 has this in its conclusion:

FDA is required to publicly display information about the quantities of chemicals in cigarettes and cigarette smoke in a way that is not misleading….


There’s A New Idiot In Town

Dick Puddlecote

It may be Christmas Eve where the vast majority of the country has closed down for the holidays, but it seems there is still time for one last piece of cretinous, puritanical, ivory tower codswallop from the ‘public health’ community…

New Head of RCGP

Provokes an angry Twitterstorm – Alan Beard

Irrespective of whether one word was a mis-quote, taken out of context,the nature and tone of the quotations are perfectly clear to any reader,and what prompted my blog..Helen has badly misjudged here, and a speedy retraction and clarification is most definitely required. Whether through Chris Smyth the Times journalist, or via her own RCGP blog to confirm the agreed policy,either avenue needs pursuing asap.

Jewel Robbing in 2016

Dick Puddlecote

It’s been a successful albeit traumatic year for your humble host business-wise, and overall I’ve quite liked 2016 for having injected some much-required cynicism into public discourse and – just perhaps – made a few politicians realise that they can’t just carry on the way they currently do.

Review of 2016: nanny state edition

Christopher Snowdon, Velvet Glove Iron Fist

2016 was the most entertaining year I can remember. I doubt we shall see another one like it.

If ‘post-truth’ is the word of the year – and apparently it is – the nanny statists have been ahead of the curve for a long time and they excelled themselves again this year. Here are a few of the lowlights of 2016 in the world of so-called ‘public health’…

The Much-Ignored Pleasure Of Smoking

Dick Puddlecote

There is a report out today from the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR) in Glasgow which should be compulsory reading for anyone and everyone in the tobacco control industry. Sadly, it will be largely ignored.

Entitled “The Pleasure of Smoking”, the report canvasses the views of 583 ‘confirmed’ smokers; that is, smokers who enjoy smoking and are mostly resistant to demands to quit…

Anti-vaping messaging

Irish Vape Vendors Association

Less than 3 hours into the new year, smokers were told that a product that has already seen thousands of Irish smokers switching away from smoking lit tobacco shouldn’t even be considered, in a piece in the Irish Independent which cites ASH Ireland’s Dr Pat Doorley.

In Public Health We Trust

Kevin Crowley, Vaping Links

Public health. They’re in a position of authority, they’ve earned their degree. They’ve read “everything there is” to know about -it- they’ve graciously given you forced their “findings” of their opinion and that’s final. YOU are not to question their facts. In fact, they don’t like colleagues questioning them. How dare you pretend to know more?

The Year In E-Cigarettes:

The Good, The Bad, And Some Reasons For Optimism – 
Sally Satel – Forbes

As the year draws to a close, electronic cigarettes remain as controversial and as poorly understood among the general public as they were a year ago. Are e-cigarettes re-normalizing smoking? Are kids using them as a stepping stone to combustible cigarettes? Are e-cigarettes as harmful as the real thing?


What is vaping?

Clive Bates, Nicotine Science & Policy

Sometimes we find ourselves talking at cross-purposes about vaping. Why? Consider three perspectives.

First, a health professional asks: “how should vaping be understood and used (or not) to reduce the adverse health effects of smoking?”

To the health professional, vaping ought to be an important extension to the array of options to assist people who present as smokers. It offers a different strategy for quitting smoking (what matters for health), without the additional hurdle of quitting the addictive drug nicotine

Burning Vape Issues

Mawsley, Planet of the Vapes

Vapers owning venting lithium-ion cells makes the news for the third consecutive week. Following two men being unable to carry spare batteries safely, this week a person loses some teeth and a plane is grounded.
“I remember pressing the button to take the hit,” said Manny Almodovar, “but as soon as that happened, I don’t remember anything else. My coworkers actually saw it fly from my teeth all the way 20 feet in the air.”

Vaping Point Liz

What’s Next for the Vaping Industry?

Advocate for Vaping Today

After going through 2016, the vaping industry realized it was obvious; they had a target and were being gunned down like an innocent victim in a back alley in a big city full of bustling streets filled with people. While all the commotion was in the center stage for a Presidential election, nobody cared to give media coverage on state by state attacks by elected officials, as well as very little mention of the FDA’s fatal deeming regulations to the industry.

E-Cigarettes make you really horny!

Ashtray Blog

A new study is arousing great interest in China after being published on 中国科学日报 (China Science Daily) yesterday. The study finally provides evidence of a phenomenon which doctors and scientists had previously only suspected… the effect of vaping on our sex drive.

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