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CDC Fears Teen Vaping Is Out Of Control – Riverside may add vaping to public smoking ban – Parks Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect – Wellington Vape Day – Vaping boom in Russia – Smoking is more expensive but nicotine e-liquids are still hard to obtain – 40% tax puts a second vape shop out of business – Quitting smokers ‘should not vape’ – Up to states to ban sale of e-cigs and vapes – Bullshit Bingo With The Cult Of Tobacco Control – NSP Daily Digest

CDC Fears Teen Vaping Is Out Of Control

Steve Birr, Daily Caller

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released another report with strong warnings on youth vaping, ignoring data showing a drop in the use of electronic cigarettes by teens in 2016.

The report analyzes e-cigarette use among teens in middle school and high school, and chronicles their brand preferences and whether they use reusable or disposable devices. The report uses statistics published in a surgeon general report from Dec. 8, showing a massive spike in the youth vaping rate between 2011, when the products first gained traction, and 2015.

Riverside may add vaping to public smoking ban

Alicia Robinson, Press Enterprise

Riverside may soon join other Inland cities in expanding its smoking ban to include use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping, and to cover a broader array of public places.

Cities such as Hemet, Murrieta, Norco and Temecula prohibit vaping, along with smoking tobacco. UC Riverside does so as well.

Riverside’s rules forbid smoking in or near city buildings and in public parks, but they don’t specifically list e-cigarettes.

Parks Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect


A new parks smoking ban goes into effect today in Gaithersburg, Md., one of a handful of anti-smoking changes enacted by the city last October.

Beginning today, smoking and vaping on all municipal property is prohibited with only a few exceptions. The ban prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, vaping and e-cigarettes in all public buildings and on public property in general, including all areas of parks. The previous smoking ban did not include vaping or e-cigarettes and only applied to enclosed public spaces and to areas that were within 25 feet of the playground equipment in city parks.


Wellington Vape Day

Wellington Vape Community & AVCA

The Second Annual Wellington Vape Day will be held on the 21st of January at the Bellevue Gardens Hotel in Lower Hutt.

This is an excellent chance to get together with other local vaping enthusiasts and independent vendors (VTANZ members) to discuss vaping, test new equipment, purchase items you may need and just plain chill and socialise. Competitions, Giveways, Spot Prizes as well.

Vaping boom in Russia


According to information provided by the Professional Alliance of players on the Russian market of electronic Nicotine Systems, the e-cigarette market could have been of $280 Million in 2016.

This country accounts for 147 millions of citizens among which about 1.5 million of vapers. The 55 millions of smokers constitute a large reservoir for the expansion of vaping in the neer future

Even if other economic studies are not so favourable for Russia, the e-cigarette market would be booming in the country. About 1,000 vape shops and 200 webstores are selling vaping products. Russian vapers would also be fond of “vape cafés“, sorts of bar-like vape shops where people can sit and try their hardware or juices. Their number could be close to 240, according to

Smoking is more expensive but nicotine e-liquids are still hard to obtain

Jérôme Harlay, VapingPost

January 1st 2017, the price of cigarettes increased again in New Zealand. A 10% increase that sets the cost of a packet of cigarettes to about $20. A 10% increase that also prefigures what the first day of January will be over the next three years.

The 10% increase that the 550,000 NZ smokers noticed yesterday at tobacconists’ is the first of four consecutive 10% rises  to happen on the first day of January until 2020. This is one of the measures decided to reduce smoking prevalence and reach the goal of lowering this value to less than 5% of the total population by 2025.

A Billion Lives – Demand Film

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Mon, Jan 16th
Odeon Liverpool One

40% tax puts a second vape shop out of business

Lindsey Blest, LancasterOnline

Facing the financial pressure of a recently enacted tax, Flavr Vapor Lounge in Lancaster closed Thursday.

“It’s sad,” said Evan Urban, the business’ general manager Friday.

“We’re dealing with people’s lives, people’s jobs. We’ve had people coming in with tears in their eyes saying ‘Can I just thank you? You changed my life,’ ” he said.

As part of the state budget passed in July, a 40 percent tax was enacted in October on all wholesale vapor products in Pennsylvania.

The budget also required businesses to pay a 40 percent floor tax on existing inventory.

Quitting smokers ‘should not vape’

Wayne O’Connor,

Smokers considering giving up tobacco as a New Year’s resolution are being advised not to switch to electronic cigarettes for their nicotine hit due to safety worries about the long-term use of the devices.

The anti-tobacco advocacy group ASH Ireland has advised quitters to instead use nicotine patches or gum.

Vaping has been endorsed by governments in the UK and other countries but ASH chairman Dr Pat Doorley said he was concerned about the risk it poses to long-term health.

Up to states to ban sale of e-cigs and vapes

The Star Online

While the Health Ministry is responsible for regula­ting electronic cigarettes and vapes that contain nicotine, it is up to the individual states to ban the sale and use of such products.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said at present, there were states, like Johor, that have already imposed a ban on the use and sale of e-cigarettes and vapes.

“Some states have also banned the use of cigarettes due to religious reasons.

“It depends on how the state go­vernments want to handle the matter,” he told reporters after attending a Christmas event at Dewan Jubli Intan here yesterday.

Bullshit Bingo With The Cult Of Tobacco Control

Dick Puddlecote

I’ve often accused the tobacco control industry of being packed full of self-enriching plankton who variously lie, produce junk science, pretend rules of physics and economics don’t exist, and who do so because they are not even remotely interested in improving public health. We see examples of the aforementioned character flaws almost on a daily basis, but it’s very rare we find an item which includes every single one of them.

Behold, then, exactly such a thing with this study just released courtesy of four unrepentant moonhowlers from the University of North Carolina. It’s a true classic of the genre.

Call to Action

Changing how YOUR Council sees vaping

Vapers in Power

There is only one council in the entire country with a decent attitude towards vaping.

Thanks to the work of Freedom to Vape we now know that the vast majority of councils lump vaping in with smoking, against the advice of both Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive.

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