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Top doctor calls for total ban on cigarettes, switch to e-cigarettes ~ VTA urges US authorities to deregulate current e-cig rules ~ Declining smoking rates in Canada ~ The Gateway: Reloaded ~ Who wrote a fake FDA memo from Scott Gottlieb, and why? ~ Potential deaths averted in USA by replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes ~ War On Vape Flavors Could Wreak Havoc On The Industry ~ Mythic Tobacco Endgames ~ Stop cherry-picking information on e-cigarettes, pro-vaping group urges

Top doctor calls for total ban on cigarettes, switch to e-cigarettes

Melissa Cunningham, The Age

A leading Australian health researcher has called for a total ban on cigarettes as a new study finds millions of deaths could be prevented if smokers switched to electronic cigarettes. Menzies School of Health researcher Dr Marita Hefler says the rapid evolution of alternative nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes, meant outlawing combustible tobacco, including cigarettes, was now possible.

VTA urges US authorities to deregulate current e-cig rules

Diane Caruana, Vaping Post

The US Vapor Technology Association (VTA), commends The White House and the new US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, for revisiting the e-cigarette regulations that were threatening to disseminate the vaping industry and have dire consequences on public health. Today, on Monday the 2nd of October, a “cut the red tape” event is being held at the White House, which highlights this administration’s efforts to lift a number of burdensome regulations that are having a negative effect on several sectors such as the economy and public health in the United States.

Declining smoking rates in Canada

Diane Caruana, Vaping Post

While smoking rates in Canada dropped from 18.1% in 2014, to 17.7% in 2015, according to a Health Facts Sheet by Statistics Canada, the rates dropped by another 0.8% in 2016. In 2016, 16.9% of Canadians over the age of 12, which equates to about 5.2 million people used cigarettes, declining from 17.7% in 2015. From these smokers, the majority (3.7 million) smoked on a daily basis, while the majority of non-smokers had never smoked. Interestingly over one in five Canadians (21.8%) were previous regular smokers who had managed to quit.


The Gateway: Reloaded

Paul Barnes, Facts Do Matter

Just recently, the “gateway theory” has been doing the rounds yet again. I stumbled across this paper that claims the gateway theory is in fact, real and undeniable. As usual, the researchers are making wild claims about cause and effect, but there’s one key problem with this paper, in that it is the outcome of focus groups:

“It is a form of qualitative research consisting of interviews in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.”

Who wrote a fake FDA memo from Scott Gottlieb, and why?

Rumors have swirled lately about an advocacy group using a forged memo from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to raise funds from vaping vendors. Whether the document was used as a fundraising tool is not certain, but the document does exist, and it is not a legitimate Gottlieb memo. Vapor Voice magazine confirmed with FDA press officer Michael Felderbaum that “this is not an FDA document and thus does not reflect comments from the Commissioner.”


A Billion Lives – Demand Film

Coming to a Cinema near You – Reserve your tickets Now!

Potential deaths averted in USA by replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes


US tobacco control policies to reduce cigarette use have been effective, but their impact has been relatively slow. This study considers a strategy of switching cigarette smokers to e-cigarette use (‘vaping’) in the USA to accelerate tobacco control progress.

War On Vape Flavors Could Wreak Havoc On The Industry

Steve Birr, Daily Vaper

A federal ban on flavors for vaping devices would devastate the industry and risk pushing scores of former smokers back towards cigarettes, according to a new study. Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health and the Centre for Health Policy at the Imperial College in London published a study through the National Bureau of Economic Research in September analyzing the potential effects of various tobacco and nicotine flavor restrictions on U.S. smoking and vaping populations.


Mythic Tobacco Endgames

Brad Rodu, Tobacco Truth

A new $1.2 million campaign to promote tobacco prohibition on college campuses was announced on September 19 (here).  As I have noted, the federal government annually spends hundreds of millions of dollars in support of academic anti-tobacco research (here).  This time, the money is coming from pharmacy giant CVS’s Health Foundation as part of a five-year, $50 million campaign.

Stop cherry-picking information on e-cigarettes, pro-vaping group urges

Alex Fok, Harbour Times

A local pro-vaping group has called on the government to adopt a “rational regulatory response” to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), rebutting recent claims by a statutory body on tobacco control that e-cigarettes could be as harmful as their conventional counterparts. The Hong Kong Vape Association (HKVAPEA), in a letter to the Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) in late September, urged COSH to keep the public “accurately informed” and “be objective” over new tobacco products.


On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Stop Burning Cash on Anti-Smoking Schemes

Mark Littlewood, The Times

I must be a great disappointment to the organisers of Stoptober — the annual effort to persuade cigarette smokers to abstain from their unhealthy habit for a full calendar month. As someone who has smoked heavily for more than a quarter of a century, I should be the key target for this project. If I don’t quit now, I’m told there’s a fair to middling chance that, sooner or later, cigarettes will be the death of me.

Countries Will Go To Great Lengths to Protect Their Tobacco Revenues

Phil Busardo, Taste Your Juice

I received this story from an upset vaper who prefers to remain anonymous.  It simply amazes me how something like vaping, one of the most important health advancements in our lifetime when it comes to combating cigarette related disease, is under such furious attack.

I continue to believe the attacks are due to vaping threatening big pharma, big tobacco and big revenues.  Our health be damned.

Just unreal…

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