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Wednesday’s News at a glance:

Two more From Skip Murray

Supreme Court Reverses Chevron

Skip’s Corner, Let’s Talk!

When a law is ambiguous, Chevron deference gave regulatory authorities the power to fill in the gaps, relying on their expertise. In the lower courts, when a company sues a regulatory body because it feels that its treatment by regulators violates the law, those cases can be challenging to win because the courts used Chevron to rule in the regulators’ favor, to the detriment of small businesses.

Supreme Court Will Hear Crucial Triton Vapes Case

Skip Murray, Filter

s of July 1, the United States Supreme Court had four vape cases on its list for the last conference of this session. On July 2, one of the four—FDA v. Wages and White Lion Investments, L.L.C., dba Triton Distribution, et al.—was granted its certiorari, or judicial review, and will be heard by the court during the next session, which begins in October.

Supreme Court Will Hear Triton Appeal

Jim McDonald, Vaping 360

The Supreme Court has agreed to review a lower court decision that found the FDA acted improperly when it denied marketing applications by Texas-based vape manufacturer Triton Distribution. The FDA petitioned the high court to accept the case.

The decision to hear the case marks the first time the Supreme Court will consider a challenge to the fairness of the FDA’s vaping regulations. The court has previously declined to consider several vaping industry petitions.

Vapes: Supreme Court will decide if FDA unfairly blocked marketing of flavored e-cigarettes

Maureen Groppe, USA TODAY

Jimmy The Juice Man Peachy Strawberry? Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk and Cookies? Killer Kustard Blueberry? The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will decide if the federal government is unfairly blocking the marketing of flavored e-cigarettes. The industry contends the Food and Drug Administration has imposed a de facto ban on non-tobacco flavored products.

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s defense of the agency’s rejection of applications by two companies to sell flavored vape products that it has determined pose health risks for young consumers.
The justices took up the FDA’s appeal filed after a lower court ruled that the agency had failed to follow proper legal procedures under federal law when it denied the applications to bring their nicotine-containing products to market.

Nicotine use: Stringent policies drive mushrooming black market

Nicotine use can be traced back to 12,300 years ago. Global tobacco trends show a decline, with 1.25 billion people still smoking. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 19 million stopped smoking two years ago which is a positive step. However, the demand for nicotine is persistent and unlikely to dissapate.


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