Vapers Digest 26th July

Wednesday’s News at a glance:

Vaping nicotine is beneficial to young people at a population level

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn,

UNDERAGE VAPING continues to dominate the media and drives public policy in Australia. Daily, alarmist headlines feed the anxieties of parents, teachers and public health officials and have created a full-blown moral panic. However, the fear of youth vaping greatly exceeds the objective threat it poses—and benefits are almost universally overlooked.

In fact, vaping nicotine is beneficial to young people overall

Challenging The Next NZ Government:Include Consumer Advocacy

In Tobacco Harm Reduction Discussions

Nancy Loucas, CAPHRA (Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates)

As the New Zealand election approaches in October 2023, it’s crucial to address the importance of consumer advocacy in the tobacco harm reduction debate. Tobacco harm reduction has gained attention in recent years, with public health experts advocating for safer alternatives to conventional cigarettes. However, concerns have arisen that consumer voices are being excluded, particularly on the global stage.

Two From Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

Prescription Model Ruled Out

As part of discussions about vaping and tobacco harm reduction in Parliament, the Department for Health and Social Care has ruled out a prescription-only future following a question from Conservative MP Neil Hudson. In addition, Tory David Jones asked about the delegation to this year’s WHO conference in Panama and Labour’s Rachael Maskell fired a volley of questions at the Department for Education.

Further Responses to the LGA Ban Demand

Further responses to the Local Government Association’s (LGA) demand for the government to ban all disposables has come from ASH UK, the Federation of Independent Retailers (the Fed), the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) and the i newspaper’s Kevin Lynch. The LGA says disposables should be banned by 2024 because it believes they will flood into the UK otherwise due to them being banned in France this December and the entire EU in 2026.


THR Advocates Applaud China’s New Regulatory Move

Ellesmere Zhu, 2 Firsts

On June 20, 2023, the Office of the State Tobacco Administration sent out a notification on the “Guidelines for Promoting the Building of Quality Assurance Systems for Exported Electronic Cigarette Products“, which the key points of the guidelines include:

  1. All e-cigarettes exported from China will need to comply with local regulatory legal requirements and need to be traceable throughout their inbound and outbound transport.
  2. All Chinese exports of e-cigarettes that are investigated by authorities overseas for quality issues must be reported to the Tobacco Administration where the manufacturer is located and be subject to relevant investigations.
  3. The State Tobacco Administration (STA) will establish a traceability system for exported e-cigarettes, Tobacco Bureaus at all levels should collaborate with Customs, market supervision, taxation and other departments to strengthen global supervision.

OCPD vaping arrests/citations statistics released

Deja Parker,

Following an altercation between a police officer and visitor that has raised concerns, the Caucus of African American Leaders has since gotten involved.

It all happened July 6th after Denzel Ruff vaped on the boardwalk. Ocean City Police Department says Ruff refused commands to stop vaping before they detained him using force.

The Caucus says they’re outraged by what they call recurring excessive force on African Americans in the area. Now they’re looking at the police department’s arrest and citation data for those who allegedly violated Ocean City’s laws as it relates to vaping between 2020 and 2022.

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