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SMILE Study Researchers Confirm That Exclusive Users of Combustion-Free Products Have Lower Plaque Accumulation Compared to Smokers ~ Advancing public health in the EU through harm reduction strategies ~ New Poll: 1,800 Swing State Voters Reveal Fair and Reasonable Regulation Needed for Flavored E-Cigarettes ~ Zyn Imitators Rush In as Online Sales Halt Worsens US Shortage ~ Atlantic retailers blast federal nicotine pouch restrictions as a threat to autonomy ~Bans on Flavored Vaping Products Are Harming Public Health ~ Ontario’s New Vape Tax Rules Are Costing Customers Way More And People Aren’t Happy ~ New Secretary of State for Health ~ Vapes Help To Drive Down Pregnancy Smoking ~ The costs of prohibition – Panel Discussion #1 | #GFN24 ~ Combustible Cigarette Use Fluctuating Among  North Carolina Youth, E-Cigarette Use Significantly Down From 2019 ~ ‘Made in China’ Is the Latest Pretext to Curb Consumer Access to E-Cigarettes ~ Malaysia’s Smoking Rates Stagnate as New Zealand Halves Smoking Through Vaping ~ Photo of hidden stash in Aussie’s kitchen cupboard exposes ‘scary’ problem

Newfoundland small business owners are upset with a new federal policy restricting the sale of nicotine alternatives, such as pouches, to pharmacies.

The proposed changes, which keep the products out of convenience stores, have sparked concerns about public health, economic impacts, and provincial autonomy, say retailers.

Jeffrey Zamora (Twitter)

“During the @GFNicotine #GFN24, we asked 26 volunteers to pose for a portrait photo; these people have similarities, such as having quit cigarette smoking through harm reduction products and being advocates for vastly safer alternatives to combustible tobacco.”

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Bans on Flavored Vaping Products Are Harming Public Health

Martin Cullip, Real Clear Health

Despite a growing body of evidence indicating that flavor bans on vaping products may lead to increased cigarette smoking, policymakers persist in their pursuit of such prohibitions. This approach is not only counterproductive but also detrimental to public health because it undermines the potential benefits of vaping as a harm reduction tool.

Flavors in vaping products play a crucial role in the success of helping smokers quit, and the evidence is clear that removing these options drives users back to more harmful combustible tobacco. Understanding why policymakers continue to endorse these bans and what steps can be taken to educate the public about their dangers is essential.

Ontario’s New Vape Tax Rules Are Costing Customers

Way More And People Aren’t Happy

Becky Robertson, BlogTO

Vaping is a more popular vice than ever among young people, and if you’re one of the countless Ontarians who partake in the habit, you’ve likely noticed that taxes on nicotine vapes just made a huge jump.

At the beginning of this month, vape tax amounts in the province more than doubled, serving as the cornerstone of the provincial and federal governments’ efforts to “deter the consumption of products that pose health risks.”

Two From Dave Cross, Planet Of The Vapes

New Secretary of State for Health

Wes Streeting has been appointed as the new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care by Prime Minister Keir Starmer, as part of the new Labour Government. Planet of the Vapes takes a comprehensive look at what he has said about vaping and tobacco harm reduction while in opposition.

Vapes Help To Drive Down Pregnancy Smoking

Smoking rates among pregnant women have hit an all-time low, aided by women choosing to switch to vaping, according to anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). The last government pledged to encourage all smokers to switch to vaping as part of the national ‘smoke free scheme’. A programme offering virtually 400,000 vape kits was rolled out in February.


On this Day…2023

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

WHO asked to stop opposition to THR

To help over a billion smokers

Public health advocates who attended a recent global forum called on the World Health Organization to stop its opposition to the tobacco harm reduction approach and insistence to ban less-harmful tobacco alternative products like vapes and heated tobacco.

Do you know the real, inside story

Pritam Sengupta

A newly published book, “E-Cigarettes and the Comparative Politics of Harm Reduction: History, Evidence and Policy”, has offered some serious arguments about benefits of vaping and the troubles of tobacco.

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