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THE INNCO ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR AWARDS – GFN Warsaw 2017 -Nicotine In the News – Reader View: Vapor devices are not cigarettes –U.S. government at a crossroads – Taxpayer-funded vaping is Maori Party’s latest anti-smoking push – Daily users compared to less frequent users find vape as or more satisfying and less dangerous than cigarettes, and are likelier to use non-cig-alike vaping products – Subsidised Vaping for Smokers – NNA Sweden: latest branch of the New Nicotine Alliance





The GFN Committee have handed over the election organisation for the annual advocacy awards to INNCO. On the plus side it’s a recognition of INNCO’s global potential, on the other,  it’s now our responsibility to ensure that these awards continue to attract enthusiasm, support and nominations to acknowledge the very best from across the globe.

Nicotine In the News

Nicotine Science and Policy, Harry Shapiro

Despite the best efforts of the powers-that-be to convince Americans that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as smoking tobacco, a new study ( ) shows that among US smokers with respiratory conditions who continue to smoke, many are switching to e-cigarettes believing them to be less harmful.

Reader View: Vapor devices are not cigarettes

Santa Fe New Mexican, Joel Nitzkin

There is a movement afoot in New Mexico to treat e-cigarettes and related nicotine-vapor products as if they pose the same risks for addiction and potentially fatal tobacco-attributable illness as cigarettes. The movement already was underway when I last met with the New Mexico Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight Committee two years ago and, as House Bill 282 — currently before the state Legislature — makes clear, little has changed in the interim.


U.S. government at a crossroads

Tobacco Reporter

A new report says that this is a critical moment in determining how the U.S. federal government is going to deal with alternative products to smoking. ‘The federal government can either allow people to make free choices that might help save their lives or be co-opted by misguided public health extremists who aim to eradicate tobacco and even nicotine altogether, regardless of the potential damage to millions of Americans who want to stop smoking,’ the report warns.



A Billion Lives – Demand Film

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Taxpayer-funded vaping is Maori Party’s latest anti-smoking push

Newshub, Cleo Fraser

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox wants to see more taxpayer funding as a way to combat New Zealand’s smoking addiction, and Prime Minister Bill English has said he’s open to the idea.

Ms Fox told Three’s The Project the Māori Party party wanted to push subsidisation of the popular smoking alternative as a way to reach the Government’s ‘Smokefree 2025’ goal.

Daily users compared to less frequent users find vape as or more satisfying and less dangerous than cigarettes, and are likelier to use non-cig-alike vaping products

Science Direct, Lynn T. Kozlowski , D. Lynn Homish , Gregory G. Homish


• Daily users of e-cigarettes found them at least as satisfying as cigarettes.
• Satisfaction from e-cigarettes was more likely in more frequent users.
• All daily users reported them as less dangerous than cigarettes.
• Perceived danger from e-cigarettes was higher in less frequent users.
• Daily users of e-cigarettes were more likely to be using non-cig-alikes.


Subsidised Vaping for Smokers Supported

Scoop Health,

AVCA was greatly pleased to see MP Marama Fox state in an interview with NewsHub that she would like to see the government assist smokers switch to vaping for cessation purposes. Her support of our programs, specifically the Vape It Forward program that has been trialled and wildly successful in Wairarapa and our outreach and collaboration with the smoking cessation service providers, is priceless. As is her acknowledgement and recognition that the vapers of New Zealand, through AVCA, as key stakeholders in the process of legalisation of nicotine e liquid.

NNA Sweden : latest branch of the New Nicotine Alliance

Vaping Post, Diane Caruana

Earlier this month , NNA Sweden (New Nicotine Alliance Sweden), was launched and will start operating as a tobacco harm reduction promoting organization. The NNA was originally set up in the UK by a group of passionate health experts who are dedicated to tobacco harm reduction and the promotion of public health.


On this Day…2016

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Hundreds of thousands of smokers

Turn to e-cigarettes to help them quit, study finds – ITV News

Almost 900,000 people used e-cigarettes instead of prescriptions or behavioural support to help them stop smoking last year, a new study has found.

Researchers from University College London said some 37.3 per cent of the 8.46 million adult smokers in England had tried to give up in 2014, and of these, 28.2 per cent – or 891,000 – had used an e-cigarette, known as ‘vaping’, to help.

Scientist Slams Claim

That E-Cigarettes Are One Million Times Worse Than Hong Kong Air – Guy Bentley – Daily Caller

Leading e-cigarette expert dismissed a study from Hong Kong’s Baptist University that claims e-cigarettes are a million times more harmful than the city’s air.

The study, first reported in the South China Morning Post, is raising eyebrows among e-cigarette researchers. “I am almost certain they made a mistake,” Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a cardiologist working as a researcher at Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, told The Daily Caller News Foundation via email…

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