To whom it may concern: Dear Public Health England It has been with much anticipation, that we read your expert review of the latest evidence regarding vaping, that concludes that e-cigarettes/vapour products are around 95% safer than smoking tobacco …

A Heartfelt Thank You – from the Danish Vapers Read More »

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Tuesdays News at a glance: The UK Government Will Not Stand Up To Brussels – Are you TRULY surprised at the treatment of vapers? The real cause. – Think on that for a moment vapers.. – Prof Linda Bauld and Andy Morrison on BBC Radio Scotland – Toward beneficial and practical standards for e-cigarettes – Electronic Cigarettes are Not Renormalizing Smoking, Anti-Tobacco Groups Are – Nominee for FDA Commissioner Has Massive Conflicts of Interest – Evidence about nicotine toxicity and the dry puff phenomenon – Time to address e-cigarette confusion – U.S. Government Task Force to Smokers: Quit or Die – Fighting for Vaping Rights with Pamela Gorman of NJOY – Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest

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