News 4th Dec 2014


Jack Straw: I’m in little doubt that e-cigarettes are much more for the good than the bad.

AH, the fags behind the bike sheds. It was almost a rite of passage when I was a youngster. I didn’t know anyone at school who had not smoked at least a few cigarettes. Many were then hooked – for life.

E-cigarette fears for children

Six per cent of 10-to-11-year-old children have used the electronic cigarettes compared to 2% trying real tobacco, a study by the Welsh Government found….

How much nicotine kills a human?

The human toxicity of nicotine has become increasingly relevant in the past couple of years through marketing of new nicotine-containing products, such as smokeless tobacco and liquids for electronic nicotine delivery systems (electronic cigarettes) that are freely available in most countries.

A blunt challenge to some common arguments against e-cigarettes

Professor John Britton is in the top tier of public health professionals in the UK. He is Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, Director of the UK Centre of Tobacco Control Studies and Chair of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group. He has been one of the most important influences on the generally positive approach the UK takes to tobacco harm reduction over at least the last 15 years. A selection of relevant work he has led includes: RCP(2000), RCP(2007), RCP(2008), PHE(2014) and Thorax(2103). And he still runs a respiratory clinic and see people who are ill. So it is always interesting to hear what he has to say and how he chooses to say it. Directly and bluntly, as it turns out…

Nerudia’s £11m Speke e-cigarette factory will create 150 jobs

An £11m investment in Speke will create Europe’s biggest nicotine manufacturing site, leading to 150 jobs.Joint venture Nerudia is a partnership between two entrepreneurs who founded one of the UK’s first electronic cigarette brands, and a global pharmaceutical nicotine supplier, German company Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco (CNT).David Newns and Chris Lord sold their e-cigarette business C N creative – owner of the Intellicig brand – to tobacco company BAT in 2012.


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