News 29th Nov 2014

The Stupid is Strong in Australia!

Opposition calls for inquiry into E-Cigarettes

Even non-nicotine vapours, including the fruit flavours marketed to children, were posing a health risk, he said…..

The Effect Of Electronic Cigarette Exposure On Innate Immune Cells

The latest outcry – To be presented this week in London

Are electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) safe? The long-term effects of e-cigs are unknown. E-cigs contain a variety of substances that may be harmful to the lungs. 

New Parliament Group Supporting E-Cigs

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey set up a new APPG on e-cigarettes this week in Parliament. The group will examine and scrutinise this rapidly growing industry exploring the benefits the devices could have for people looking to quit smoking…..

Nicotine Without Death

Opinion piece. Neatly summarises

I attended Wells Fargo Securities’ “2nd Annual E-Cig Conference” last week, and if I had to describe the mood of the speakers it would be a cross between cautious optimism and deep frustration….

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