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When foot meets bullet – Let’s Discuss Angels On A Pin – Vaping Advocate of the Year –  District Council proposes ‘vaping’ crackdown – Vape a Vet Project – Why US Big Tobacco Lobbies for E-Cigarettes – Orange County vaping industry lobbies against changes in smoking laws – Long Term Benefits of Smoking Abstinence – Preliminary thoughts on my ongoing vaping experience survey – The E-Cig Industry’s Favorite Congressman Doesn’t Even Vape – Industry Urges Gov. Brown To Veto Vaping Restriction Bill – 1% of a $900 Billion Market Has Health Officials Baffled – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest – Wednesday, 30 March 2016

When foot meets bullet

Fergus Mason

So a couple of days ago an article appeared. Some vaping advocates thought it was a great piece of work. A somewhat larger number were less impressed. I’m with the second group. It may have been meant well, but the author could have spent his time more profitably doing something else. Practically anything else, in fact…

Let’s Discuss Angels On A Pin

Dick Puddlecote

There was an awful article posted at the weekend about vaping entitled “6 Misleading Pro-Vaping Arguments We Should Stop Using”. It should more properly have been headlined “Let’s discuss angels dancing on the head of a pinfor the usefulness to the cause it presented. That is, on balance negative….

Vaping Advocate of the Year

Global Forum on Nicotine

Nominations for the award can be made on-line by clicking here. The process requires completion of a simple form, giving the name of the nominee and a short statement (up to 50 words) in support of the nomination. Nominations can be made up until 1700 (CET) 31st March 2016.


District Council proposes ‘vaping’ crackdown

Using e-cigarettes could be banned in communal areas of Epping Forest council housing under new plans. People will also be forbidden from charging the devices from council-owned computers, as part of an Epping Forest District Council crackdown on ‘vaping’.

The proposals come as part of a new Smoking and Vaping Policy, which will be debated next week.

Vape a Vet Project (PDF)

Few organizations can have such a significant impact as the Vape a Vet Project, as we directly and profoundly support our military community by providing to them what we have found to be a significant and healthy lifestyle change.

Our work at The Vape a Vet Project (a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that provides free electronic cigarette starter kits to any active duty or former service member who is a current tobacco user) is relentless and thriving….

Read More 2015 Retail Market Trends Report

Why US Big Tobacco Lobbies for E-Cigarettes

Nicholas Kusnetz – Vice

In the Golden State, home to healthy living, progressive politics and one of the lowest smoking rates in the nation, cigarettes can seem like a relic of the past, barred long ago from restaurants, bars and even some city parks.

Orange County vaping industry lobbies

Against changes in smoking laws

Orange County vaping industry executives met at the state Capitol on Tuesday to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto legislation that would classify electronic cigarettes as tobacco and raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21…


Long Term Benefits of Smoking Abstinence

Riccardo Polosa – Discovery Medicine

Improvements in asthma outcomes have been recently reported in asthmatic smokers who have substantially reduced their tobacco consumption by switching to ECs. Confirmation of these preliminary findings is necessary to reassure patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers….

Preliminary thoughts

On my ongoing vaping experience survey – 

I published a survey that looks tiny, but has proven to be quite fruitful. Even more than I thought too. A couple hundred answers in now and a big picture is already emerging and I’m finding it truly fascinating. English and Finnish versions of the survey here 🙂

CVA Readies Fight Against Quebec’s Anti-Vaping Law

The battle over Quebec’s new anti-vaping law is heating up as the Canadian Vaping Association readies to file its constitutional challenge to bill-44 – Brent Stafford – Regulator Watch

The E-Cig Industry’s Favorite Congressman

Doesn’t Even Vape

Tom Cole doesn’t vape. The 66-year-old Republican representative from Oklahoma prefers cigars, yet he’s currently a bit of an unlikely champion in the vaping industry. That’s thanks to a bill he has been trying to shepherd through Congress that would protect vaping manufacturers from a potentially fatal blow in pending regulations.

Industry Urges Gov. Brown

To Veto Vaping Restriction Bill

The fast-growing vaping industry promoted itself Tuesday as a partner – not a scourge – in the effort to reduce smoking, as representatives urged California Gov. Jerry Brown to veto a bill that treats the products like tobacco.


1% of a $900 Billion Market

Has Health Officials Baffled – ACSH

If 20 years ago you had told the American Council on Science and Health that tobacco company stocks would be outpacing the S&P 500 by 600 percent for investor return in the two-year period leading into 2016, we’d have thought you were proposing some bizarre science-fiction story.


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  1. Elaine Keller says:

    Strange. I clicked on the link to the article with the headline “Preliminary Thoughts.” Before I could get to the article, I was routed to a page that told me that the article might contain adult content and Google asked me to confirm whether I wanted to continue going there. I confirmed that fact and was taken to an article that wouldn’t qualify for an X rating in my book. Not even an R.