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The Blind Fanaticism Of ASH Wales – Rights and wrongs – New Norwegian Tobacco Act proposal – Vaping bans continue to spread despite positive US teen smoking figures – Smoke & Mirrors – Next round of gateway claims – Another attempt fails to demonstrate a gateway from vaping to smoking – Strange Bedfellows – Teen Smoking is Down – Expert Reaction – British Columbia – Motsoaledi’s anti-smoking crusade is not about public health

The Blind Fanaticism Of ASH Wales

Dick Puddlecote

My ears have just stopped ringing from having a Sikh and a Derryman employing an incredibly loud kango to knock down internal walls at Puddlecote Inc today – for SIX BASTARD HOURS – as part of our reorganisation plans.

Back in the comparative peace of home, I now find that ASH Wales have been up to their old tricks again. You may remember that in March they were thrilled to“fully welcome” an outdoor smoking ban on Little Haven beach in Pembrokeshire which also encompasses e-cigs

Rights and wrongs

Head Rambles

There was a little item that caused a ripple on Twitter this morning. The cause was an item announcing a “PA system to stop smoking at Hywel Dda hospitals“.

Now I happen to think this is a rather nasty, narrow minded case of public funding to encourage nagging and hectoring by the public against their fellow citizens.  I also think the use of children to broadcast their little messages is particularly nauseous….

New Norwegian Tobacco Act proposal

Based on lies and misinformation – Vaping Giraffe

On Friday the Norwegian Government published their proposed changes to the Norwegian Tobacco Act. The proposal is available in Norwegian here and there are no big surprises here since Minister of Health, Bent Høie, presented the most important changes on a press conference the week before.

Smoke & Mirrors (PDF)

Seeing through the clouded Tobacco Debate

Legally controlling where you can buy cigarettes, who can buy them, what they cost, slapping dire health warnings on their packaging and disclosing their toxic constituents all have little or no impact on nicotine addicts, especially adults – according to two global experts….

Vaping bans continue to spread

Despite positive US teen smoking figures – Fergus Mason – Vaping Post

This hasn’t been a good week for vaping in general. The EU’s restrictive new law seems to have cleared its last hurdle in the UK, while Quebec’s even tougher regulations are starting to bite in Canada. Meanwhile the FDA is digging its heels in despite Congressional worries about the potential harm caused by its deeming regulations. Unfortunately, while scientific opinion continues to move solidly towards a harm reduction approach, lawmakers still can’t seem to resist reaching for a blunt instrument…


Another attempt fails to demonstrate 

A gateway from vaping to smoking –  Jérôme Harlay – Vaping Post

“These findings suggest that e-cigarette use may promote smoking during the transition to adulthood …” A new study published today by Rob McConnell and his co-authors from the University of Southern California fails to convince experts and to establish causation between vaping and smoking among teenagers.

Next round of gateway claims

Carl V. Phillips – Anti-THR Lies

For those who may not know, the claim out there is that some empirical evidence suggests that e-cigarette use is causing some people (the focus is on kids) who would not have otherwise smoked to become smokers. My methodology paper explains how to analyze whether that is really the case

New Pediatrics Study Provides

Absolutely No Evidence that E-Cigarettes are a Gateway to Smoking – The Rest of the Story

A new study published online today in the journal Pediatrics purports to show that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking among youth. The study followed a sample of approximately 150 never-users of e-cigarettes and 150 ever users of e-cigarettes for one year.

Vapour Trails TV

Aromamizer v2 ! Griffin 25 ! Coolfire TC100 ! Protanks with claptons! And more!

Strange Bedfellows

Behind the Headlines – @MarkHyman

Power players in Washington have joined forces to crush the small e-cig companies, suggests an investigative report by the American Media Institute.

E-cigs appeared on the scene a decade ago. They’re tobacco-free. They mix trace amounts of nicotine with a liquid that forms a vapor.  This replaces tobacco and cancer-causing agents.  Because they inhale vapors instead of smoke, users are said to be vaping.

Teen Smoking is Down –

Due to E-Cigarettes? – Ruth Kava – ACSH

The good news — no, make that the very good news — is that teen cigarette smoking has continued to decrease, according to the 2015 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS).

In 1991, 28 percent of teens reported smoking at least one cigarette in the 30 days before taking the survey, while in 2015 that had dropped to 11 percent, as shown in the graph below.


Expert Reaction

To study on e-cigarettes and future cigarette use – Science Media Centre

The effect of e-cigarettes on the risk of taking up smoking is the subject of a paper published in the journal Pediatrics which reports that youths who never smoked but use e-cigarettes may have an increased risk of subsequently taking up smoking when they are legally allowed to purchase tobacco products.

B.C. bans e-cigarette sales to youths

British Columbia

New legislation restricting the sale and use of e-cigarettes in B.C. is coming into effect on Sept. 1, the government has announced, but it won’t apply to people vaping pot.

According to officials, the use of vapourizers is highest amongst young people, and the new rules aim to limit their access in the same way as tobacco.

B.C. Finalizes Vaping Regulations

Hear initial reaction to the new rules and regs that are set to go into effect on September 1, 2016

Motsoaledi’s anti-smoking crusade

Is not about public health – Ivo Vegter

On World No Tobacco Day, the unwieldy name of yet another inane UN-declared special day, South African health minister Aaron Motsoaledi confirmed that the government was preparing to implement new laws requiring plain packaging for tobacco products, prevent their display in stores, and to bring e-cigarettes into the tobacco control fold…



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