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A New Leader – Trudeau’s Illiberal War On Vape – Ecigarette-Politics, Bill Godshall Update – A Relentless Work for the F.D.A. with PMI’s iQOS Application – Reasons To Switch To Ecigs – Philip Morris submits 2 Million page FDA application for new tobacco tech – Campaign teaches Arizona youth about the e-cigarette dangers – Many Americans don’t know what’s in tobacco smoke – Renfrewshire volunteers who want to quit smoking invited for e-cig study – The critic’s guide to bad vaping science -If you’re fighting against vaping and aren’t being paid, you’re doing it wrong – Vape, nic, caffeine, beer and chips – Mon, 7 December 2016


New Leader

Vapers In Power

We had one candidate, so no need for an election.

Fergus Mason is the new Party Leader.


Watch this space to see if it’s a changing of the guard or something quite different …

Trudeau’s Illiberal War On Vape

Planet Of The Vapes/Mawsley

The Canadian government claims it is committed to protecting its citizens from the dangers of tobacco use and nicotine addiction. In order to do this it is set to implement wide-ranging regulation that will limit access to products and make them less attractive as an alternative to smoking.


Ecigarette-Politics, Bill Godshall Update

Chris Price

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A Relentless Work for the F.D.A. with PMI’s iQos MRTP Application


Vaping Post/Jerome Harlay

Philip Morris International filed a MRTP application with the FDA, a mandatory step to advertise its iQOS as less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But this doesn’t guarantee the success of the PMTA process, another step to market the iQOS in the USA.


A Billion Lives – Demand Film

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Reasons To Switch To Ecigs

Planet Of The Vapes/Mawsley

There are varied reasons why vapers made the decision to swap smoking for vaping. Some wanted to save money, some disliked the smell and others were encouraged by family members. Academics add to the list of reasons this week, with advice that quitting smoking is better for your mental health and will reduce incidences of asthma for children in the family home.


Philip Morris submits 2 Million page FDA application for new tobacco tech

Hot Air/Jazz Shaw

When’s the last time you heard of anyone inventing something that might replace cigarettes and be at least marginally more safe from a health perspective? If you said e-cigarettes you’re close, but there are other options on the horizon.


Campaign teaches Arizona youth about the e-cigarette dangers

Williams News/Williams Grand-Canyon News

The campaign, called “Vape is a Lie,” teaches Arizona youth that many of the same dangerous chemicals found in traditional tobacco products are also found in e-cigarettes, but are often disguised with flavors appealing to young people.


Many Americans don’t know what’s in tobacco smoke

Randy Dotinga/HealthDay News

National surveys of adults and teens suggest that many Americans have little understanding of the dangerous substances lurking in cigarette smoke.

Most troubling to the researchers: As tobacco makers highlight their elimination of additives, 43 percent to 72 percent of the survey respondents wrongly believe that these additives produce the most hazardous chemicals in smoke.


Renfrewshire volunteers who want to quit smoking invited for e-cig study

The Gazette/Laura Forsyth

SMOKERS who would like to quit their habit are being sought for a clinical trial.

Doctors and scientists funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) are looking for 100 healthy volunteers to take part in The VAPOUR Pilot Study. The study aims to investigate the short-term effects of electronic cigarettes in comparison to nicotine replacement patches on the blood vessels and lungs.


The critic’s guide to bad vaping science

Clive Bates

This is part one of a twin post. Part 2 is Five questions to put to the US Surgeon General on e-cigarette science (next posting).

To respond to the forthcoming publication of a new US Surgeon General publication on e-cigarettes, I have have expedited my long-planned guide to bad science in the field of e-cigarettes and vaping in the hope that commentators, opinion formers and members of the public will give this review proper critical scrutiny.


If you’re fighting against vaping and aren’t being paid, you’re doing it wrong

Vaping First/Daniel Hall

If you’ve joined the multinational campaign against vapor products and electronic cigarettes, let me start off by saying congratulations on getting behind a movement that you believe to be righteous.  This post is not designed in any way to berate you, the truth is we just want to give you more information about the people and organisations you’re backing.  If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have bought into the notion that vaping is as bad, if not worse than smoking traditional cigarettes, all it means is that billions upon billions of dollars have been spent in a very effective manner.


Vape, Nic, Caffeine, Beer And Chips

Dick Puddlecoat

As days go, yesterday was quite a busy one and definitely well deserving of the ‘Dick Out And About’ tag.

It began (quite literally after a few too many Xmas beers the night before) at 2pm with a trip to Committee Room 9 at the House of Commons where the APPG on e-cigs was taking place. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen some quotes from those who were invited to speak but it’s still worth writing a few up here.


On this Day…2015

A look back at how things have moved on or otherwise…

Three vapers walk into a bar…

Just Another Ordinary Morning

I would like to briefly share with you something that happened to me last night. Along with a couple of other people, I decided a late drink would be a good idea. So we set off to a bar. Not a pub. I don’t choose these places.

So, we walked into the bar which as it turned out was heavily undersubscribed. There were maybe five people in there at 10.30 on a Saturday night. As this particular place has an upstairs room, we assumed everybody must be there and so, drinks in hand, up the stairs we went….

Which Countries Ban E-Cigarettes?

Lindsay Fox – E-Cigarette Reviewed

Countries around the world are still grappling with what to do about e-cigarettes. Most are content with regulation – usually disproportionate to the likely risks of vaping – but some take things a lot further, even going so far as to completely ban the sale or even the use of e-cigs. This has been going on for some time, but our old post on e-cigarette bans around the world is now woefully out of date. Since then, some countries have clarified their positions, and others have joined in the excessive, ban-toting anti-vaping crusade, spurred on by the World Health Organization….

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