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Call to Action: FDA Comments Survey … Vaping: One Piece of the Economic Puzzle … Smoke and mirrors: the stealth approach that aims to put cigarettes out for good … Vaping Advocate of the Year Award 2015 … Electronic Cigarettes and Airway Infections – Update … Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Mon, 9 February 2015

Electronic Cigarettes and Airway Infections – Update

Further defence against ‪#‎micegate‬ from Professor Bernd Mayer:

Recently it has been reported that mice exposed to nicotine containing vapor of electronic cigarettes exhibited reduced immune defense to bacterial infection (Sussan et al., 2015). From the mouse data, the authors infer that consumption of electronic cigarettes may compromise the immune response of humans. This result attained considerable media coverage and is expected to be embraced by health authorities eagerly searching for detrimental effects of e-cigs to justify strict regulations and bans….

Watch Bernd Mayer on VTTV:

Vaping Advocate of the Year Award 2015

This is a unique opportunity to give recognition to some of the people who work tirelessly, most often without reward, to further the cause of vaping, in the face of what we know to be fierce opposition. There are two categories:

  • a consumer advocate with no prior background of advocacy or experience in the field of public health.
  • an advocate for e-cigarettes who may or may not be a vaper, but who has promoted the cause of vaping as a tobacco harm reduction strategy using their background in science, health, advocacy or academia.

We have assembled an international panel of leading vaping advocates to determine the winner in each category….

Smoke and mirrors: the stealth approach that aims to put cigarettes out for good

Bristol Smoking Ban – The Guardian

Just one person around here looks shiftier than me. I would put her in her 20s. She’s standing in the colonnade with a yellow pouch of tobacco, peering out into the main square and taking pains not to be seen from it. But I’ve seen her. That bright ski coat is a problem. Yes, she admits. She’s seen the signs. No, she won’t talk to the Guardian about them. She’s off to smoke this cigarette somewhere else anyway…

Call to Action: FDA Comments Survey

This very short survey will be asking just a few, simple questions and for you to copy and paste your confirmation number and your saved submission to the FDA into the survey. Don’t worry if you don’t have those things saved, just answering the remaining questions will be a great help to us.

When you are done with the survey, please be sure to share a link to the survey with your vaping circles: Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+, vaping forums, Reddit, YouTube videos, and vendors. Please ask any video reviewers and bloggers you know to also share the link….

Vaping: One Piece of the Economic Puzzle

Electronic cigarettes emerged in 2003 and have surpassed initial expectation, demonstrated by billions of dollars in sales. What began as simple cig-a-like devices has shifted in favor of newer VTM devices, signifying growth in use by new and existing users. This indicates just how exponential vaping has become, and because nicotine users often remain nicotine users, these trends are likely to solidify the devices within society….

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Mon, 9 February 2015

Baird Government to ban e-cigarette sales to children […]

New study finds that teen smokers use multiple tobacco products

Smokers fail to notice the first outdoor ban


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