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Carl Phillips, Anti-THR Lies on Glantz. Steve Forbes picks up his pen in anger. Lynne Dawkins is looking for volunteers. Nicotine, Science & Policy Daily Digest. And sound advice from Clueless Colin

Glantz attempt at dialogue makes clear the vacuousness of his arguments

Detailed analysis and rebuttals by Carl Phillips of Stanton Glantz’s blog

The leading ANTZ strategy for creating the illusion that they have valid arguments, hiding the fact that they are a combination of liars and clueless, is to avoid dialogue. It is relatively easy to create the illusion of valid arguments that will trick the ignorant masses (and especially one’s own useful idiots) if you simply keep repeating your talking points and pretend that the rebuttals to them do not exist….

Health Fascists

Steve Forbes is part of the Forbes publishing dynasty and a respected author in his on right. This week he took up the pen in anger and railed against those who seek to ban or severely restrict vaping such as a ludicrous campaign against the “dangers of vaping” by the San Francisco public health department…..

Patterns of Electronic Cigarette Use in New Users

Are you or do you know a new E-Cigarette user? Lynne Dawkins would like to hear from you-


Project Description

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are devices that produce an inhaled vapour from liquids containing proplyene glycol, glycerin, flavors and nicotine.

The purpose of the survey is to gain information from new users in order to understand why people use them, how they are used over a period of time, and what effects, if any, they have on tobacco smoking and health. Your involvement would help us to answer these valuable questions.

Nicotine Science and Policy – Daily Digest – Thu, 15 January 2015

Smokers looking to quit might soon have a powerful new natural herb to help them kick their addiction.

The Michigan Legislature got it right last year, passing bills to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. Only a handful of states haven’t gotten around to this sensible, limited form of e-cigarette regulations.

Mayor Billy Kenoi has signed a bill that makes Hawaii County the first in the state restricting the use of electronic cigarettes to the same places traditional tobacco cigarettes can be smoked.


Finally… A word from Clueless Colin!

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One comment on “In the News 15th Jan 15
  1. Charmaine McKay says:

    hi there I have been a vaper now for 6 years. I use to smoke 30-40 a day , now I vape and enjoy it and have never been healthier. My skin is good my chest is clear and I don’t wheeze, I’ve got more energy. I no longer cough either. Char xx