IEEE Battery Standards


Promoting Battery Safety

In support of electronic cigarettes, and its users, Richard Pruen is hoping to promote a standard, that contains light touch ‘guide to best practices’ is based on the latest evidence, welcomes (even encourages) innovation, protects small business, and users.

Common sense safety features should be expected by electronic cigarette users, manufactures, vendors, and trading standards bodies.

Richard is sponsoring the standard personally, as well as organising the working group.

However if I can get to some meetings, and promote it, as well as meet people in related industries, things can only work out better. As it’s likely there will be people who don’t like what I’m doing, having other IEEE members on side, is likely to be very beneficial. It’s also possible that new technology and ideas from other members, could help enormously.

Getting out there and speaking, and presenting data, will raise the profile, and show benefits of Electronic Cigarettes. The more support from engineers, published and or presented and accepted data, the better. To enable Richard to attend these meetings he has set up a fund raising page at to hopefully raise the extra finances needed. All donations will be used in line with IEEE codes of ethics, to support efforts for the good of every person, who can benefit from electronic cigarettes.

For more information on IEEE Visit the website

Richard has also been invited to submit a talk at the following symposium

This would be a great opportunity to share knowledge, and announce to the world that the whole E-Cig community is concerned about product safety.
I’d like to take some of Dr. Farsalinos’s results, as well as my own work. It will also allow me to stay up to date with the latest info, and best practice, since technology moves very quickly.

This is a very worthwhile project and a huge undertaking by Richard. It can only benefit the E-Cigarette industry as a whole by creating standards of safety for consumers, and showing positive action to those who’s cries of  “They’re not regulated” appear too often in the press.

Please donate as much or as little as you can afford and share this or Richards Go Fund Me page far and wide.

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