From Hungary – With Anger


Dr. Istvan Zentai

Elektromos Cigaretta Platform Civilian Health-care Movement

Since a few days back all governmental communication channels are full of the united propaganda of the Big Pharma and Big Tobacco lobbies against e-cigarette.

Fearmongering and lies recalling the forms of the darkest medieval witch-hunts are being spread by the lackeys of the National Public Health and Medical Offer Service and the Ministry of State for Health Care over all the available public service channels.

Wild exaggerations and lies are spread everywhere, ignoring the 95% of available scientific evidence, solely cherrypicking materials written against electronic cigarettes sponsored by Big Pharma stakeholders, referencing obsolete and disproven sources, twisting numbers and blowing
scales out of proportion, for paving the way towards the total annihilation of vaping and electronic cigarettes.

They hope that the political decision makers are self-interested enough, and that the public is dumb enough to accept their goebbelsian campaign.

They are ready to eliminate commerce by bringing down online stores and closing brick and mortar specialty stores. They are to send non-smoker vapers back to tobacco shops run by a monopolised private maffia.

They are to ban all forms of sponsorhips and support and all forms of product placement. If they want they can block the health protection themed websites of the community as well.

They do this by hiding behind EU directives, while totally being opposed to the original intent of those.

They do this so nothing could endanger the enormous profits they make from the sales of tobacco products and the illness caused by tobacco consumption.

Tibor Demjen, the Hungarian “proconsul” and sock puppet of WHO made it clear today: they will ban flavouring as well. This is equivalent to the utter and total prohibition of electronic cigarettes in Hungary.

What remain are the expensive, unflavoured, useless products sold by tobacco shops, usable only in designated areas, and with the criminalization of a whole trade sector it leaves no choice for the roughly 200.000 vapers, but to turn to the black market, or go back smoking.

If you are a smoker? Sorry, please walk towards the death-row in an orderly manner.

And this death-row is what remains for them, for the so recommended cold-turkey and orthodox nicotine therapy methods are useless and only good for one thing: preserving the status quo of the well oiled medicine and tobacco consumption.

Over the past five years 120.000 Hungarians passed away due to smoking. They say nothing no more, they want nothing no more. 200.000 electronic cigarette user vapers tried to cheat the gallows, and are now crying out loud for their lives! Our petition collected 5400 signatures so far.

But this is only the voice of the civilians. In Viktor Orbán’s country we know how much this weighs.

We are very sorry to be of inconvenience, but we are still alive!

This story originates from Hungary, and is replicated here for ease of Distribution (10th November)

The original PDF is here and  István Zentai is here

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