Bill S5 – Call To Action No1

Addresses for Current Members of Parliament

Your story

[A good way to start – keep it short]

Establish that you are an everyday constituent [say where], a consumer, and NOT a tobacco or vaping industry representative. Say what vaping has meant to you AND YOUR FAMILY. [This will provide a smooth link to the next paragraph if you choose to discuss ‘Children and flavors]

Children (and flavors)

[You must address this.] [See also, What the experts say]

Vaping not the same as smoking

[Please mention this] [See also, What the experts say]

Mention bans and that there is zero harm to bystanders

What we know about e-cigarette safety

[No danger to bystanders mention this] [See also, What the experts say]

Also, say something on how the ‘we do not know enough yet’ argument is a spurious one: That there is a great deal we do know about vaping: That we do not know about long term issues BUT IT IS ESTIMATED THAT THEY ARE NOT LIKELY TO BE MAJOR. In the meantime, those who continue to smoke will continue to suffer.

Why harm reduction

[See also, What the experts say]

What the real experts say…
This contains the main points in summary form.

Originally posted by Robert Innes 3rd March 2017 here

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