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Vapers Digest May 18th

Friday’s News at a glance: Rendez-vous with Karl Lund – Canada GFN Subversion Attempt – UNICEF Attacks Glantz Vape Study – Recognition, use and perceptions of JUUL – Moral Panic Over E-Cigarettes – Tobacco Research Is Not Immune to Scientific Scrutiny – Public Health Becomes A Partisan Issue – How Much Does the FDA Really do – How likely is your e-cigarette to explode? – Big Tobacco’s ‘next gen’ evangelists – Statement in Favour of Vaping – Ottawa ushers in vaping era with new rules – Allow e-cigarettes for smokers – Kashmir Crisis for Vaping – Ministry of Health will not appeal court’s IQOS decision – Nendo launches “third cigarette” – Nicotine Science and Policy Daily Digest

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